The Right Way to be Inspired by Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest. It's a bride's best friend and also her worst nightmare. It's so full of beautiful inspiration, much of which is way (WAY) over her budget, which can be discouraging. And many Pinterest wedding ideas have been done over and over again, so how do you plan a wedding that is unique and personal to you? Not to mention that with so many beautiful ideas, it can be so difficult to narrow things down and come up with a cohesive vision. Especially if that's not something you're good at. (It's definitely not my thing! I can photograph reception details all day, but don't ask me to choose linens and centerpieces to pair together!)

My best advice for using Pinterest (after you narrow down your ideas to one cohesive vision) is to think of the ideas you see on Pinterest as a condensed version of your wedding decor. Many Pinterest images are from luxury weddings or very elaborate styled shoots. With a styled shoot, only one reception table is designed, so naturally recreating an entire event's worth of this decor would be very expensive. Instead, take the elements of that image you love so much and spread them out throughout your wedding day.

You're not trying to recreate that look in every aspect of your wedding day. You're using it as inspiration for statement pieces. You might not be able to afford an entire tent's worth of draping, but you can still have a draped arch or doorway. Uplighting can make a huge difference in the way a reception room looks. It's a big all-over statement and it instantly gives the mood that you're looking for!

And don't underestimate the power of the sweetheart table. It's one table. One centerpiece. Two place settings. Two chairs. You can have all the gorgeous detail here you want! 

Balance the lush floral centerpieces you love with simple arrangements of pillar candles or lanterns. And here's the key: you don't need to find an inspiration photo for this. Tell your florist you want to splurge on some centerpieces and trust her to create a beautiful statement out of simple pieces for the rest.

When you know how and where to invest your budget to make a statement, all it takes is a little inspiration and creativity to design the wedding day of your dreams. And that's why I love my wedding planner friends. They can do this sort of thing in their sleep! If you need a recommendation on a great Hampton Roads wedding planner, shoot me an email ( - I'm happy to send you a list of my favs!


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