The Secret Jobs of a Wedding Planner

Over the last 50+ weddings, I've seen a lot of wedding planners taking on all sorts of tasks and challenges. They really are the unsung heroes of the wedding day, because the goal is for the couples and their guests to enjoy the day without seeing all the crazy that happens behind the scenes. They should never feel the stress of putting on the event or have to worry about how 'such and such' is going to get fixed. Today my friend Sterling of Sterling Dawn Events is giving us a peek behind the curtain at some of the secret jobs your wedding planner is likely taking on at your wedding.

Take it away, Sterling!

The responsibilities of a wedding planner on wedding day are pretty straightforward. We tell people where to go, make sure vendors put things in the right places, and signal the parade of bridesmaids when to walk down the aisle, just to name a few things. Cut and dry stuff, right? Well, at almost every wedding, I have done many things that venture off the beaten path. When it all comes down to it, I will do whatever needs to happen so my bride and groom enjoy their big day.

Here are just a few of the random tasks most people don't think about:
-Stow gifts in designated car. Ever wonder who is going to move your gifts? Ever hear of wedding gifts walking off on their own? (Sadly, I have.) Well, right after my bride and groom sit down for dinner, I gather all of their gifts and make the trek to the predetermined vehicle for safe keeping. Your mom, dad, or maid of honor shouldn't have to take time away from celebrating to do this!
-Follow the bride around and bustle her train 100 times. Seriously. For one of my brides, I ended up using every large safety pin in my kit to keep her heavy train secured and it STILL fell down after that. And on several occasions, I have re-bustled a dress while the bride was rocking it on the dance floor. Mad pinning skills!
-Make last minute craft store runs. Forget your ring bearer pillow? Need more this, that, and the other for your DIY place settings? Either myself or one of my assistants have paid a quick trip to the nearest retailer for those emergency needs.
-Keep guests at bay. One of the most challenging things I do is keep guests away from the bride before the ceremony. Unless someone is specifically noted to come back to the sacred getting ready space, I pull a Gandalf and bellow, "You shall not pass!" Not exactly in that way, but this happens in one fashion or another at every wedding. I see this time as special for the bride, her parents, and bridesmaids to gather one last time of reflection. I love the engaged and excited guests who want to be part of it all, but I always encourage them to save it for the ceremony. 
-Conceal the truth. Let me clarify. I don't lie to my brides. If I'm asked what is wrong, I will either tell them or let them know it's not important for them to know. On wedding day, any unexpected snag in the day could seem like the most traumatic thing ever. So, instead of starting a frenzy, I keep it to myself. However, sometimes alerting the couple is unavoidable. 

Perhaps you are still on the fence about hiring a planner to make your day run a little more smoothly. I encourage you to think of the unexpected! Trust me when I say you will want to have a seasoned right-hand gal (or guy) there to manage the miscellaneous, random, and sometimes weird wedding day duties. 


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