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Meet Caitlin

In college, I studied Creative Writing and dreamed of one day publishing a novel. Instead, I photograph weddings with my husband and tell my client's love stories.

My friends tell me that I'm the most organized person they have ever met. And I consider that a compliment.

I love yoga because it's the perfect no-sweat form of exercise.

I swapped coffee for chai years ago but  peppermint mochas draw me back every year.

I think I'm an ambivert. Or maybe being married to another introvert has made me the social one

I am really indecisive about home decor. I am obsessed with French Provincial dressers, but I also love all-things-Joanna-Gaines and everything at IKEA.


Meet Ryan

I've been the behind the scenes guy since the beginning of CGP. I'm the second photographer, the accountant, the IT guy, and occasionally the carpenter!

I could live on pizza and chicken, but I don't like chicken on my pizza!

Growing up I was always a dog person, but Caitlin and our office cat Lucy have recently changed my opinion.

Nothing makes me happier than analyzing numbers and designing a new excel spreadsheet.

On weekends that we don't have weddings, you can usually find me in the garage building something.

I'm a reef tank enthusiast and my dream vacation is snorkeling in crystal clear blue water.

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Meet Darcy

My mama loves Jane Austen, but it was actually my daddy's idea to name me Darcy.

I love anything with wheels, but my favorites are diggers, tractors, and fire trucks. And I love watching Thomas & Friends.

I look just like my mama's baby photos, but I have my daddy's blue eyes. And Mama dresses me just like Daddy, right down to the skinny jeans and cute little converse shoes.

My parents consider me their Chief Cuteness Officer, but I have yet to be invited to one of their business meetings.

Mama tells people that I have an adventurous spirit, because I want to explore everything and I'm always on the move.

I love wedding days because I get to have sleepovers with my Nana and Grandpa.

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Our Love Story

Ryan and I met when we were 10 years old. We are high school sweethearts, best friends, and each other's biggest supporter.

I tell Ryan everything and he makes me laugh every day. (And we share his best quotes on our blog's Monday Musings series!)

In 2016, our family grew by two new members: Lucy, our sweet kitty, and then our son Darcy. 

When we're not working in the CGP office, we are enjoying the challenging, wonderful, and adventurous life that is parenthood! 

Darcy and Lucy bring such joy to our lives and we love that our couples love them too!