Monday Musings

Dear Easter Egg Hunt, I guess it's time to buy Darcy a piggy bank since he will bring home cash instead of candy every year. Probably should have thought ahead about that.

Dear Casual Cocktail Attire, Aren't you kind of an oxymoron? Just saying.

Dear Almonds, I've tried to like you. I really have. But unless you're covered in chocolate, I'm not interested.

Dear Packing Paper from Amazon - Thank you for entertaining our crazy kitten when I'm trying to eat my lunch.

Dear Ears, Which is more offensive: a knife scraping across a plate, nails on a chalkboard, or microphone feedback? I'm leaning towards the microphone, because it's the loudest and usually lasts the longest. Thoughts?


Ryan Quotes of the Week: 
Don't eat our show toast.
I think I crinkled your paper. I was trying to swim.


Photo from the CGP Stock Store