The Importance of the "Stupid" Wedding Decisions

I know this blog post title is an oxymoron, so let me explain. Over the years that Ryan and I have been married, I've noticed that some of the most insignificant details of our wedding day are the most meaningful to me.

Don't get me wrong. Choosing our wedding vendors was a big deal and we were very happy with all of those "big" decisions. But it's those little things that jog your memory and put a smile on your face.

One detail that I took plenty of time to decide was my wedding day perfume. Someone had suggested buying a new perfume to wear for the wedding and honeymoon, because memories connected to scents are some of the strongest memories! So I did. (And as you can see, I was a little more concerned about how the perfume smelled than the personality of the bottle. Although Ryan wears Ed Hardy cologne so it seemed appropriate.) Every once in a while I'll wear the perfume again for a date night or when we go on vacation, and it always makes me smile.

I walked down the aisle to Canon in D, which also has a popular Christmas version, so I get to listen to it over and over every year and I always turn the radio up when it comes on. We used purple tulips in the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces, and it's still one of my favorite flowers. Ryan and I chose You Raise Me Up as our recessional song, so it's meaningful whenever I hear it now. Our cake was red velvet, which is always our choice when presented with a table of cupcakes. Ryan also often wears the tie he wore on the wedding day.

I'm not saying you have to stress out about choosing the perfect detail for every aspect of your wedding day. But choosing songs and other little details that you can reuse or rewear thoughtfully will turn out to be really meaningful in the future.


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