Wedding Weekly: 10 Things That Should be On Your To Do List

There are probably dozens of websites that have downloadable wedding to do lists. And while these can be immensely helpful (and really overwhelming to look at all at once!), there are probably a few little details that are missing. Here are 10 easy to overlook things that need to be on your wedding to do list:

1. Hang your dress on a nice hanger - Satin hanger, wooden hanger, custom hanger, it doesn't matter. Your dress is gorgeous and you've waited months to wear it. It deserves something better than a plastic hanger.

2. Have an iron or steamer for bridesmaids dresses - Even in garment bags, bridesmaids dresses can get pretty wrinkled. So have a plan to get those smoothed out.

3. Assign someone to take your bouquet - If you want to dry or preserve your wedding bouquet, make sure you have someone to hand it off to at the end of the wedding night. 

4. Pass on MUAH information to your bridesmaids - Whether you're asking your bridesmaids to get their hair and makeup professionally done or just offering it as an option, make sure you pass along the information so they have payment ready on the wedding day.

5. No nail polish the day of - I don't know about you, but painting my nails is always a very time consuming process. Sitting still and not touching anything while each coat dries (and not putting the coats on too quickly or too heavily) are difficult to do on the average day, but can you imagine how hard that is on a wedding day? Everyone is bustling around trying to get ready and probably running a bit short on time. The last thing you want is 3 bridesmaids with wet nails when it's time for them to get in their dresses.

6. Give your wedding day look a test run - The last thing you want to find out on your wedding day is that your bracelet catches on the lace of your dress or your shoes fall off when you walk. A couple weeks before the big day, try on your entire look to make sure you won't have any unexpected issues the morning of your wedding.

7. Break in your shoes - Wedding shoes are pretty, but not always comfortable. Wearing your shoes around the house for an hour or two at a time will break them in a bit and help your feet survive on the wedding day while still keeping them pretty for their closeup. And if they need to be stretched out a bit, wear them with socks. (But flats or flipflops for the reception are always a good idea too!)

8. Choose ceremony music well in advance - Your ceremony musicians are probably well versed in all of the traditional wedding music. But if you have a specific song you'd like them to play, make sure to give them plenty of time to perfect the song.

9. Chase down your RSVPs - This item is probably on your to do list already, but when the RSVP date has come and gone, you'll probably be tempted to skip this step. Yes, it's rude of your loved ones and friends to not let you know their response, especially when you made it so easy for them to return the card. (Or even RSVP online!) But the last thing you want is for 10 people who never RSVPed to show up on the wedding day, expecting you to have a place ready for them. At least half of the people who haven't responded probably intend to come. They just forgot to tell you. So go ahead and chase them down so you will have a table, centerpiece, and food for them. But feel free to teasingly scold them for not responding on time.

10. Have (non-messy) snacks and water for the bridal party - This is probably the thing I notice brides forgetting the most. Even if everyone eats a good breakfast before hair and makeup start, they're going to be really hungry if they have to wait until dinner to eat again. Keeping food in your bridesmaids' stomachs will help keep them happy and smiling during pictures instead of grumpy because they haven't eaten in 6 hours.


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