The Engagement Session: What Happens if it Rains?

Esession rain.jpg

Rain on the day of the engagement session isn't anyone's first choice. But we don't automatically have to reschedule. Here are our options if the weather report is calling for rain.

1. Reschedule - Rescheduling a rainy engagement session day is the obvious choice for most people. We pick a new date and we try again. Rescheduling might not be an option for couples with difficult or conflicting work schedules, sessions that require taking the day off of work, and situations where one or both people are traveling in from out of town. Ladies who are paying for professional hair and makeup might prefer to reschedule.

2. Chance it - If the forecast is calling for scattered showers, it might be worth it to keep to our scheduled date. I have adorable clear umbrellas that we can use. And some of my favorite locations have covered areas we can use while it's raining or somewhere we can seek shelter and wait it out.


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A Crystal Clear Vision Event - 2018

A Crystal Clear Vision Event - 2018

A Crystal Clear Vision is so much more than a bridal show. It's an amazing tabletop design competition where wedding planners, venues, florists, and caterers compete for the best table design. During the show, engaged couples are inspired by new ideas that they can incorporate into their wedding days, and it's a great way to find vendors, because you can see firsthand what they're capable of. This was my fourth year as one of the event photographers and my second year as lead photographer. What an awesome bonus to all the participating vendors that they receive professional detail shots of their gorgeous tables!

A Crystal Clear Vision is hosted each year by the wonderful ladies at Waterford Event Rentals. They team up with Antonia Christianson Events and Blue Steel Lighting, and let me tell you, these guys know how to put on a show!

This year the event was held at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth, which is one of my favorite venues in Hampton Roads and such a great place for a unique bridal show like this.

Wedding Details with Big Impact

Wedding Details with Big Impact

Not all wedding decor is created equal. There are so many small touches couples can add that it's a little overwhelming! Welcome bags for out of town guests, handmade favors, specialty drinks, silk ribbons on the bouquets, a special ring box to use for the ceremony... you could get lost down the wedding detail rabbit hole for days!

As amazing as the little details are, it's helpful to know what pieces would make a BIG IMPACT. Choose 2-3 wedding day details that will really WOW your guests -- and that you're really excited about! Here are a few ideas:

Monday Musings

Monday Musings - Confetti.jpg

Dear Curling, I want to apologize for being so harsh on you the last few years. You're kind of a mashup of bowling, billiards, and chess - 3 things I'd find incredibly boring to watch on TV. But you're really not bad!

Dear Trash Truck, Thank you for providing entertainment for my busy child, even if it's just a few moments each week.

Dear Oven, Since Ryan and I disagree about whether or not we should put food in an oven that's still preheating and thus throw off the expected bake time, I thought you might want to weigh in. How do you feel? Is it rude to ask you to start working before you're properly warmed up or do you appreciate the time saving factor?

Dear Sweet Tooth, Can we arrange for you to take a little vacation for a few weeks? I'd rather not put any of that baby weight back on.

Dear Play Kitchens, How are you so compelling to toddlers and adults at the same time? 

Dear Audio Books, Thank you for dragging my husband into the world of book-lovers. He's really been missing out.


Ryan Quotes of the Week:
I think it's pronounced Dat Leany.
Alright I lied. She doesn't like the smell of your face.
He's basically a walking air freshener... Air defresher.