Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One of the cutest gifts I've seen for a bridal shower is a wedding day emergency kit. It's full of all those little things that you're likely to forget on the wedding day. So whether a wonderful bridesmaid has given you a kit or you need to put one together yourself, here are a dozen things you absolutely must have on the wedding day!

1. Bobby pins & hair spray - Buy extra because you will inevitably need to pin up a few stray hairs sometime throughout the day. At one of my recent weddings, I took bobby pins out of my own hair to give to the bride.

2. Band-aids - Cute shoes hurt. We ladies know that and plan to grin and bear it, but sometimes a band-aid can work wonders in preventing blisters.

3. Mints - You'll probably forget to brush your teeth.

4. Safety pins - Maybe a bridesmaid's dress doesn't fit quite right or the strap broke. Pack safety pins in the wedding day emergency kit to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

5. A small sewing kit - See above. You will need it.

6. Scissors and tape - For fixing stray threads, something that just won't stay closed, and a thousand other things.

7. Snack food - Nuts, animal crackers, pretzels. Nothing messy or melty.

8. Tide to go pen, wet wipes, and other travel cleaning supplies - You've got to wear the dress all night, so you want to make sure it stays looking nice.

9. Feminine hygiene products - It's Murphy's Law. Someone will need one.

10. Lint roller - To brush off the fuzzies before walking down the aisle.

11. Ibuprofen, tums, and other basic medicines - Again, it's Murphy's Law. Someone will start feeling bad.

12. Tissues - It's a wedding. You're going to need tissues.

There might be other items you decide to pack in your wedding day emergency kit, but these are the ones that I've seen needed most often. 


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