Things I've Learned By Being Photographed

Ryan and I have been posed and photographed by at least 7 different photographers since we started dating. Here's how it made us better photographers. 

1. Choosing what to wear is STRESSFUL! I've blogged about the outfits I've chosen to wear for photo sessions in the past. I know how patterns and colors work together between two people's outfits and what will look good on camera and it still takes me a while to decide what to wear. And often it means I need to go shopping for a new dress or a totally new outfit for each of us. This is why our CGP couples get extensive information and outfit ideas from us before their engagement sessions! We want to help make that decision less stressful!

2. When I express concern about a part of my body that I don't like (my chin) to our photographer, I am not looking for reassurance that I look great. I don't want her to brush my comment off with a smile. I genuinely want the photographer to keep that in mind during posing and tell me to bring my chin forward and down so it would be more flattering. So next time a client says something like that to me, I hope I can respond that I will give them little tips while posing to help with that. And then look them in the eye and tell them sincerely that they are beautiful.

3. Professional makeup is a MUST for me. It's worth every penny. I had 4 portrait sessions last year: anniversary session, maternity sessions with both Yours Truly Portraiture and Lauren Simmons Photography, and newborn photos with Allyson B Photography. Trust me, I understand that professional makeup can be expensive. But I have never regretted letting someone who knows what she's doing apply my makeup. It's a thousand times better than anything that I could have done for myself. (And you know you've got a good makeup artist, when she can make you look well rested when you have an 8 day old baby who is barely sleeping!)

4. Printing your photos is the BEST! We love looking at our photos every day, and that doesn't make us vain! And we're starting to run out of wall space in #ourlittleyellowhouseinva. The next project on my list is a gallery wall going up the stairs, and Ryan is already dreading having to hang that for me!