Whatever It Takes

Being wedding photographers means doing whatever it takes to get the shot and give our couple the most amazing wedding day. This naturally includes lots of veil and hair adjusting, dress fluffing, family wrangling, bouquet rotating, detail arranging, and moment capturing.

But we do a lot on the wedding day that might seem a little more unusual. We do so much on a wedding day that I'm sure I've forgotten half of the crazy 'outside my job description' things we've done for our couples over the years, but here are a dozen that come to mind:

- Lacing up the bride's dress when the bridesmaids aren't sure what to do

- Rewrapping boutonnieres that are losing their ribbon

- Helping pin and repin flowers in a bride's hair

- Confiscating hair ties from the bridesmaids' wrists so they don't show in photos.

- Creatively photographing around construction tape, bright blue recycling bins, and a dozen other unsightly things the bride and groom didn't know were going to be there

- Standing on a 30 inch tall cooler to get a large group shot


- Coming to the rescue with bandaids when the bride cuts her finger

- Standing in the bushes to get the shot during bride and groom portraits

- Handing the bride the loop under her train to help her carry it around before bustling

- Teaching the bride and groom the Cupid Shuffle so they can enjoy time with their friends and family on the dance floor

- Giving the bride bobby pins out of my own hair

- Showing the bride and groom how to cut the cake

- Peeling back the layers of a tulle wedding gown to get the knats out


Ryan and I absolutely love our couples and we'd do each of these things and many more at every single wedding if it meant giving them the wedding photography experience of their dreams!