Wedding Weekly - What I Wear

This past weekend, I received one of the biggest compliments from a groomsmen... best dressed wedding photographer.

What I wear to a wedding is part of my brand and the image that I project to my clients and the guests, so it means a lot when someone appreciates that. I actually got quite a few comments from the bridesmaids and mother of the bride last weekend. They loved that I wore purple, since that was one of the accent colors throughout the day.

I can't always match the wedding colors, but I definitely try to match the formality of the wedding. I mean, when the wedding is at the Jefferson, you can't just show up looking like the wait staff!

My goal is to blend in with the guests, whether it's a formal event or a casual beach wedding. It's not always easy to find wedding appropriate clothing, because not just any dress is suitable for all the bending over, kneeling, hunching, and sometimes laying down that I do on a wedding day. (Laying down happens during getting ready time. I promise I won't lay on the floor in front of all your guests!) So while I'm definitely still collecting my wedding appropriate closet, I think I've landed on a couple great options. (And any excuse to go shopping, right?)

Please forgive my hair... it always looks like a hot mess by the end of a wedding day!

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