Monday Musings

Dear Lynnhaven Rd Extension, While living through you was a pain in the butt, it was definitely worth it. And now those poor people who've lived on those cut-through roads finally have their quiet neighborhood back.

Dear Flowers, Are you going to survive this cold snap we've had? Or has spring been canceled?

Dear Closet, You use the term 'walk-in' very loosely, don't you?

Dear Frosted Sugar Cookies, Why must you tempt me with your super-sugaryness every time I go grocery shopping. The rest of the bakery section holds no power over me, because I know it will all taste better made from scratch. But there's something elusive about you.

Dear Podcast App, In a way I feel more organized. But mostly I feel severely overwhelmed at how behind I am.


Ryan Quotes of the Week:
Don't let her belittle your accomplishment! 
What is uptight bohemian? (This one's for you, Julia!)


And now a quick booking update:
We announced earlier this year that we were capping the 2017 bookings a little lower than we normally do. And we're almost completely booked up! We're only accepting 2-3 more couples for this year!
Only 1 more opening for October and December, with more flexibility for other months.


Photo from the CGP Stock Store