Monday Musings

Dear Clutter, Seriously, where do you come from? I clear you out and next thing I know, you're back.

Dear Nightlight, Apparently you do not put out sufficient light for me to wash my hands. Somehow I splashed water everywhere and left the bathroom with soap on the back of my hand. I blame you and not the fact that I was half asleep.

Dear AirBnB, You have some really cool listings, but you need to add a search feature that makes them easier to find.

Dear Bacon, I am sorry that I never seem to cook you properly. I promise to let you do your fat spitting thing if you promise to crisp up nicely from now on. Deal?


Ryan Quotes of the Week:
Oh, I always need two swords.
It's like the sky is drooling on my face.


Photo from the CGP Stock Store - launching Tuesday, April 4!