The Gift of Photography

Photographing weddings is about the love that two people share for each other. It's about the promises they make to each other and the joining together of two families. That's the quick and easy answer. But over the last few years of shooting weddings, I've realized wedding photography is so much more than that.

It's taking a photo of a bride or groom's parents: all three or four of them... in the same photo for the very first time.

It's celebrating the moment a dad walks his daughter down the aisle... And not finding out until later that he has a terminal illness.

It's when the bride chooses a special song to play for her mother and when all three of them cry during the father daughter dance.

It's when the bride and groom take a moment to honor loved ones who have passed away.

It's capturing the small but oh so special moments like the proud dad carrying around his father of the bride mug in the morning or when grandma sees the bride for the first time.

It's when the bride and her grandfather dance... on the corner of the dance floor with slow creaking steps. And everyone around them tears up.

It's that moment right before the kiss when the officiant proclaims them husband and wife.

It's taking a generational photo and hearing a few months later that it was the last photo they had together.

It's when the ring bearer steals the show begging candy from one of the groomsmen during the ceremony, one m&m at a time.

I could go on and on. I have witnessed each of these moments play out on a wedding day and each one of them has touched my heart. Every wedding has so many special moments like these and we capture all of it through our lenses. Sometimes I don't even realize the significance of a moment we photograph until I get a sweet thank you note from the bride after she's received her photos. And some of them I'm sure I'll never hear about. 

As wedding photographers, we get to witness love every wedding day and go home and love our family even more. Being your wedding photographer truly is a gift. 

So from our hearts to yours, thank you!


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