Saying Goodbye to CGP

Caitlin Gerres Photography has been a wild and crazy adventure that I never expected. Just a few months after we got married, I started learning about photography and researching what it would take to run my own business. Four years later, Ryan agreed to become my 2nd and I started training him. And although we loved working together on wedding days and we knew many couples who turned their photography business into something they both did full time, we never felt like that was the right choice for us. Ryan loves the business world and trading his job in business intelligence for bookkeeping, marketing, and web maintenance wouldn't have made him happy. So we kept my business small. And we knew at some point, we would reach the end of this season.

When we got pregnant with Darcy, I stopped making a 5-year business plan. I had no idea what having a newborn would be like. I didn't know if Darcy would be an easy baby or a difficult baby. I didn't know how I would handle work and mom life together. So we started taking things one year at a time in our business.

God told us at the beginning of this year that our time with CGP was over. I was surprised. And to be honest, I was not happy about it at the beginning. We had JUST gotten back from Disney. I wasn't pregnant. There was no reason NOT to have another great wedding season. Maybe wedding photography with two kids and all the extra stuff Ryan has going on and our increased service at church would be too much, but we had time to make that decision. We didn't book that far in advance. 2019 could be a great final season for us before we added another child to our family.

But God was still saying no. I wanted one more wedding season. I wanted to celebrate our 'last wedding'. I wanted to go out with a bang.

God gently said, “You're already done. You've had your last wedding. And you loved and served that sweet couple without any of the attention being on yourself. And now I'm calling you to other things.”

A few weeks after making our official decision and sharing the news with our close friends and family, we found out we were pregnant. And then I got horrible nausea that lasted for 3 weeks. (And minor nausea that's still lingering and annoying me every day.) It has been such a GIFT to have a very short weekly to do list right now. Instead of working during Darcy’s naps, I’ve been resting and watching The Great British Baking Show, because feeding him lunch and getting him in his crib wipes me out.

So here’s our official announcement. We are stepping away from our photography business. We've loved it. We're going to miss it. We love all of our couples and the amazing vendors we’ve been able to work with. And now it’s time to set CGP aside so I can focus my time on caring for our growing family.

Ringing in the New Year: Our Favorite 2018 Ring Shots

Best of 2018 Ring Shots.jpg

Happy New Year! Post-Christmas winter sometimes gives me the blues, but then I remind myself that it’s engagement season! And on top of that, it’s booking season for us at CGP! We get inquiries all year round, but most of our bookings come each year between January and March, because as soon as our couples put a ring on it, they jump right into the planning! No long engagements for CGP couples!

Since just about everybody seems to get engaged this time of year, it’s only fitting that we RING in the new year with our favorite ring shots from 2018!

Are you newly engaged and planning your wedding? We are booking 2019 weddings now, so drop us an email to say hello and see if we're available for your wedding day!

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Behind the Scenes 2018

Behind the Scenes 2018

Behind the Scenes and bloopers… it’s one of my favorite posts of the year! Enjoy a small glimpse of what it would be like to follow us around on a wedding day!

We get in each other’s way a lot!

In spite of having lots of ideas to pose our couples, I never seem to know what to do for lighting test shots.

After collecting all the photos for this post, I realized that I only wore 2 dresses to all of this year’s weddings. And they’re pretty much identical. (I also have it in black!)

Sometimes, you don’t always get the perfect background for engagement sessions.

Ryan has a good time at weddings, I promise!

This face is proof that I say stupid things when I’m shooting. I can’t believe I’m sharing this one!

Love her!

Two exciting things that happened this year were having a styled shoot featured in the Coastal Virginia Bride Magazine and receiving a charger award at the ILEA Gala. The votes were tied for Mike Dragon and me, which I consider a big honor, because Mike is an amazing photographer!

Our Favorite 2018 Wedding Photos

Best of 2018 Weddings.jpg

What an amazing wedding season 2018 was! We saw tearful first looks, gorgeous mix and match bridesmaids dresses, delicious cakes & pies, and so many beautiful details handcrafted by our couples and their families! This wedding season took us to some really gorgeous venues, like the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the Chrysler Museum of Art, CNU, and Fort Monroe! And I know that I say this every year (but it’s TRUE), we work with the kindest couples in the world! They invest in us, not just as vendors, but as people and friends. They ask our advice on their timeline and logistics, and they are SO EXCITED for their sunset portraits, which we love!

I love winding down the year by looking back at all of our favorite shots. Cheers, 2018! It’s been a good one!

Enjoy our Best of 2018: Weddings!

Coming next Monday… Behind the Scenes and Bloopers!

Are you newly engaged and planning your wedding? We are booking 2019 weddings now, so drop us an email to say hello and see if we're available for your wedding day!

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Our Favorite 2018 Engagements

Best of 2018 Engagements.jpg

Whether we do the engagement session early enough for Save the Dates to be sent out or wait until just a month or two before the wedding day, I LOVE spending a beautiful evening with each of our couples. I hear their love story, see them interact, and walk them through posing. And when their wedding day comes, I’m so excited to see them get married and being in front of my camera feels natural and not intimidating at all!

Three of this year’s engagement sessions took place at our FAVORITE venue, The Norfolk Botanical Garden! And I also found some awesome new spots in Colonial Williamsburg with Cindy and Scott!

But my favorite thing about this year’s engagement sessions is how different they look from last year’s sessions! My style has grown a lot and I purchased a new lens that would help me achieve the look that I’ve been wanting for years! I love it!

Enjoy our Best of 2018: Engagements & Portraits!

If you're wondering where all these ladies’ gorgeous rings are, just wait! We’ll be ‘ringing’ in the new year with all those pretty diamonds soon!

Are you newly engaged and planning your wedding? We are booking 2019 weddings now, so drop us an email to say hello and see if we're available for your wedding day!

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Why I Photograph Weddings: Telling Your Love Story

I grew up wanting to tell love stories. I created two characters, placed them in a make-believe world, and introduced them to each other, all with my pen. (My keyboard, actually, but that’s less romantic.) In some way, every story that I wrote was a love story. Because there’s something so special about two people falling in love. But I discovered that while a fictional love story is powerful, it can’t compare with the power of a real love story.

A love story lived out, day by day, with purpose and heart and commitment. Not just falling in love, but committing to stay in love. That kind of love is inspiring. Encouraging. Powerful.
There’s so much beauty in a love story that’s real and not fiction. There’s beauty in the laughter, in the sacrifice, in the pain, and even in the anger.

This is the kind of love story that I want to write. Not just with words, but with images as well. Because this love story needs to be told. 

One day your children and grandchildren will ask about your love story. And you’ll reach for your wedding album, the book that will help you tell that story, and you’ll start from the very beginning.

I photograph weddings because I want to tell your love story.


Want to see me in action? Check out my behind the scenes video.


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