2016: Behind the Scenes

I always love sharing the behind the scenes images from each wedding season, and this year we got to watch my belly grow along the way!

We finished off our spring engagement sessions in maternity jeans with a tank top to suck in the baby belly and a flowy top to keep #littlebabytugboat under wraps until we were ready to share the news.

Almost all of our couples this year did a first look, so we have several photos with one of us just on the edge of the frame. Just some minor cropping needed.

This is about the time when I thought my baby belly was obvious to all, but really most people still didn't notice. And because of that, I could still get away with standing on things.

But you can see it here, right? I think it's so obvious!

Some of my favorite behind the scenes images are of the getting ready portion of the day, because I always enjoy seeing how those pretty detail shots are set up. Because the floor is the best place to shoot details, and sometimes there's not a very secure way to hang the dress.

As the season went on, Ryan worked harder and harder as he picked up the slack for me. Carrying all of our gear, doing all the bending over and kneeling down, and all the running back and forth. Oh, and a little standing on things too.

Ryan even photographed a lot of the bridal details at Stephanie and Eddie's wedding while I sat on the floor and styled them (upside down) with my chubby little fingers.

As pregnant as I was, I couldn't resist joining in on a little bit of the Cupid Shuffle. It just makes me so happy!

The baby bump got a good bit of vendor love this year too. Here are two favorites shots with some of the awesome people we get to hang out with on the job!

It's not every wedding that our photo with the bride and groom gets photobombed. This one really made me laugh!

And then I got really big, ya'll! Example A:

And check out those puffy little feet of mine.... Thank goodness that's over!

And in case my sweater was in the way too much... here's one more big big belly example:

I love that I get to work side by side with Ryan on wedding days! It's the best!!!

And that's a wrap for this year! I can't wait to see what 2017 brings!