2017: Behind the Scenes

Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding Photographer-116_WEB.jpg

Last weekend we wrapped up our 2017 wedding season with a destination wedding in Lexington, Virginia for a couple who lives in ALASKA! It was awesome! Now that we've blogged their wedding, it's officially off-season! The behind the scenes and bloopers blog post is one of my favorite blog posts to put together every year. Usually it goes up mid-December, but I couldn't wait to share them. Bring on the embarrassing photos!

This first one goes to show you how we sometimes have to get creative on wedding days and make a 'not so great' location look amazing! There were people chilling in a hammock next to those sneakers!

I have one un-written rule for myself... I will always eat cake. So when the wedding planner snags me a cream soda float (aka... BUTTERBEER!), I will enjoy that too! ;-)

Ryan is my perfect bridal party stand-in for lighting and location tests.

We always end up getting a few shots of wedding planners and other vendors involved in the wedding day. And sometimes we get the best shenanigans! 

I like to call this section... "Wait for it!" How long does it take you to spot us?

Earlier this year, we had a wedding featured in PRINT! It was a really excited day to finally hold the magazine in my hands after MONTHS of keeping the wedding off of social media!

Strategizing very quietly during the ceremony and our tram-ride-to-the-ceremony selfie at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

This is Ryan prepping Tyler for his first look. I feel like he's saying "Do whatever, man."

I was so confused when I found this shot, because it looks like a double-exposure (but we don't shoot film). This wedding venue had windows between the ballroom and the outside cocktail hour area so everyone could enjoy the gorgeous views. So this is us, looking in on the reception.

I hope you enjoyed this fun behind the scenes peek at our year! And no, you're not seeing double if you noticed a lot of HPO goodness. We had two back-to-back weddings at the Historic Post Office and I wore both versions of my favorite wedding day dress.


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