CGP Stock FAQs

I'm not going to be blogging about CGP Stock very often (we have a newsletter for that), but I wanted to share the answers to some questions that have come up recently:

Are you phasing out of weddings?
- No, absolutely not! Ryan and I love photographing weddings! Our stock photography store has developed from a desire to help other wedding vendors market their businesses well. As photographers, we always have access to hundreds of photos we can share on social media, but most other businesses don't operate that way and we want to help!

How will you find time to serve your clients AND do stock photography? 
- The wonderful thing about weddings is that we book them months in advance. So it's easy to see where we'll be focused on our wedding clients and where the gaps are in our calendar. For example, we usually don't book weddings between December and March because fewer people get married in colder months. And July and August seem to be slower as well. And the wonderful thing about stock photography is that it fits into whatever time you give it.

So how will stock photography fit into your schedule?
- Right now, we are scheduling a stock shop shoot day once every 3-4 weeks. And I spend one or two of my work time blocks each week working on CGP Stock related tasks, like editing photos, updating the store, writing newsletter content, and drafting social media posts.

What even is stock photography? And how is styled stock different?
- Stock photography is professional imagery of people, places, and things that are sold for commercial use. For example, an image of someone riding a bike on a trail, which could be useful for a national park advertisement or marketing for a bike shop. Styled stock photography typically relates to desktop and business images with beautifully styled elements.

Why would someone need styled stock photography?
- Since styled stock photography is beautiful and usually in a color scheme that matches your brand, you can use styled stock to share updates, announcements, or a behind the scenes look at your business. Businesses who design websites, art pieces, or stationery (just to name a few) could use styled stock images as a template for overlaying with their design. Like a desktop image with a tablet that they could overlay with an announcement about their new website launch or a styled image with a clipboard that they could overlay with their newest art print.

Is styled stock just for business owners?
- No. Styled stock is for anyone who wants a pretty social media feed or website header. It could certainly be used in a personal way, especially as the background for a text overlay.

Should I join the newsletter?
- If you want access to our free downloads, exclusive sales, and first peeks at our newest collections, then yes! Click through to sign up!


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