Life Right Now - Darcy 3 Months

I started the Life Right Now series to help me remember some of the little moments of our lives. The kinds of things that don't even make it to Instagram (because we all know there's a LOT that doesn't make it to Instagram!) The kinds of things that would slip through the cracks of our memories if we didn't record them. The kinds of things that I never want to forget, no matter how small they might seem.

Life right now is buying lots of snack food: crackers, oranges, cereal, bananas, goldfish, chocolate covered raisins, and lots of cheese!

Life right now is Darcy's little arm around my shoulder when I carry him around the house.

Life right now is a husband who looks like a Bible character because he's still deciding how he wants to cut his hair.

Life right now is a wedding ring that fits over my knuckles but is still too tight on my finger.

Life right now is watching Pride and Prejudice and reading library books while I eat lunch. (I've already read 5 books this year!)

Life right now is big smiles and a single laugh when Ryan bounces Darcy on his knees. And hearing a single laugh... just 'Ha!' always makes me laugh!

Life right now is working hard on tons of different business things, from blogging to social media to our new CGP Stock newsletter.

Life right now is eating dinner with Darcy in the pack and play right next to the table so we can spend time together and keep him happy since he doesn't want to nap.

Life right now is trying to simplify my to do list and my expectations for myself.

Life right now is snuggling on the couch with Ryan watching TV after Darcy goes to bed, and then standing in his room in the dark to watch him sleep.


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