Monday Musings

Dear Organization Instincts, Thanks for kicking in last week. Without you, I probably wouldn't have found the $20 bill that got left in one of my baby shower cards!

Dear Timeless, I know you are an expensive TV show to produce with completely new sets and costumes for everyone for each episode. I totally get it. But please... promise you won't leave me! You're like having my friend Jess is my back pocket all the time.

Dear Weather, Get a grip, ok? 

Dear Moby Wrap, You might be a couple yards too long for me, but you are a life saver! There's no way we'd be able to get Darcy through a whole church service without you!

Dear Christmas Cards, Don't worry. We'll see each other again. Just 9 more months.

Dear Snack Aisle, Thank you for never-ending options for flavored nuts. You're (mostly) healthy, filling, and weird enough that Ryan will leave you alone!


Ryan Quotes of the Week:

There is no time of year to be bedazzled. 

Although the squirrels in Texas are probably pretty tough. 


Photo from the CGP Stock Store