The CGP Promo Video

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I've mentioned before that the couples we've worked with over the past few years are all really similar! Their careers and hometowns and wedding styles span a wide spectrum, but their personalities and relationship style (Is that a thing?) are very much alike! Our couples connect with us: with our love story, with my lengthy detailed emails, with our introverted personalities! And we love that, because the more we connect with our clients, the better we understand them, and the better we can serve them on their wedding day! As much as I loved our old promo video, it wasn't much more than a behind the scenes peek at me shooting. It didn't tell you what it was like to work with us. It didn't express how we want our clients to feel. And Ryan wasn't in the video at all! So today, we are thrilled to share our new promo video:

We loved working with David Broughton on our promo video! He owns an amazing wedding videography company, Dogwood Visual.  I knew we needed a big upgrade for our promo video, but I didn't have a vision of what it should look like. David did an amazing job helping us visualize this video and we were amazed with the result!

Many thanks to the Norfolk Botanical Garden, Darling & Dapper Studio, and The Music Bed. And of course, to Julia & Tyler and Deb & Cody, two of our wonderful CGP couples who allowed us to use film from their wedding day/session and sat down for an interview with David!


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