Deb & Cody: Norfolk Botanical Garden Anniversary Session

Norfolk Botanical Garden Anniversary Session Renaissance Court-119.jpg

This anniversary session at the Norfolk Botanical Garden was such a great way to wrap up the year. It was all my photography dreams coming true - a beautiful couple, a gorgeous dress, and one of our favorite locations in Hampton Roads. 

And it's a good thing, because what you CAN'T see in this session is that we were filming for our promo video... on a chilly day... with a little bit of rain coming down. But Deb & Cody are pros, because this is their THIRD time in front of my camera, and they killed it! I was all-kinds-of-awkward while we were filming and we were fighting off shivers when a gust of wind would come through, but we had the best time laughing at ourselves.

Deb & Cody have the sweetest dog, Stout, and since they were all dressed up, it was the perfect time for a family photo. Dogs are only allowed at the Norfolk Botanical Garden on select days of the year, so we met at a park before our session to get a few family photos with their sweet husky.

Happy first anniversary, you two!

Dress: Nordstrom
Makeup: Darling & Dapper

2018 couples... if you're looking for engagement session outfit inspiration... look no further!