Must-Take Shot Lists

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Since we've discussed putting together a list for the formal family portraits, I wanted to address other "must take" lists. Most of these lists are unnecessary, because the "must take" ideas fall into two different categories. One category contains basic shots that any experienced wedding photographer is going to take as long as they have the opportunity: the bride getting dressed, the cake, the invitations, walking down the aisle, the first kiss. The easy stuff.

And then you have the unposed, unplanned, candid shots. These are moments that just happened without any planning or posing or even direction from the photographer. The photographer saw a natural moment unfolding and took the photo. The ring bearer and the flower girl dancing together. The father of the bride wiping away a tear during the father-daughter dance. The bride holding hands with her maid of honor right before walking down the aisle. The bride and groom hugging tight during their final dance. You can't make a list for these moments. They either happen or they don't.

While it isn't necessary to make a list of really obvious items like the bridal bouquet, The ring exchange, and the bride with her parents, if there are a few pictures you really want, let your wedding photographer know. If you really want those gorgeous long exposure sparkler shots or bride and groom portraits at sunset, you'll need to plan a chunk of time for these to happen.

Pinterest is a good place to start for wedding photography inspiration. But instead of building a huge board of pictures you want, focus on one or two ideas that you really love. You chose your wedding photographers because you love their work. If twelve photographers put the same couple in the same pose, most likely they'd still end up with twelve very different images. Giving them full creative control allows their unique style to shine through! 

Choosing a photographer whose style you love is a topic for another day, but just go ahead and cross "must shot list" off of your to do list. Trust your photographer to take care of those details. One less thing for you to have to worry about.


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