Options for Your Wedding Exit

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Today I wanted to share a few tips about something I've never really talked about... the wedding exit! Traditionally, the wedding exit is all the guests lining up to send off the bride and groom at the end of the night. Couples love this idea, but they often have a hard time deciding what kind of exit to do, because there are a lot of variables. Here are some of them:

- What if our guests leave early? While wedding invitations list a start time, they don't usually give an end time for the event. So the guests start trickling out over the course of the evening. When couples have a sign, maybe sitting on the favor table or the bar, that tells guests when the exit will be, they will have a bigger group of people to see them off. Now if the exit is at 11 pm and your grandma was planning to head out by 9:30, she probably won't stick around another hour and a half. But a sign will prevent a good number of guests from unknowingly leaving 20 minutes before your exit, and you'll have more people to help send you off.

- Sparklers can be dangerous. At the end of the night, many of your guests have probably had a good bit to drink, and the last thing you want to do is hand them fire (aka sparklers). If your venue allows sparklers, make sure to get the 20 or 36 inch ones so they can give you plenty of space to walk and no one is concerned about burning their hands.

- Our venue doesn't allow sparklers. That's ok! There are a ton of other options! Ribbon wands, bubbles, confetti, flower petals. If your exit takes place before sunset, or there's a good amount of exterior lighting at your venue, all of these are beautiful options.

- We can't have sparklers and it's too dark at our venue for other exit options. That does seem like a problem, but a few of our couples have chosen to do a ceremony exit for this reason. (Or because they knew they'd party way later than a lot of their guests!) If you have guests pick up their confetti/bubbles/ribbon wands before the ceremony with their program, they can shower you as you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. Or, you can line the guests up on the steps of the church to send you off. I love this idea for several reasons.

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1. All of your guests get to take part, because the ceremony has just taken place. That means your 4 year old flower girl and elderly relatives will still be there.

2. You can choose any exit you want (as long as the venue permits it), because there's plenty of light.

3. Everybody looks beautiful (because they haven't been on the dance floor for the past three hours)!

4. You can book a smaller photography package since you won't need coverage until the end of the reception.

Whether you have a ceremony or a reception exit... it's a fun way for your guests to express their love and excitement for you, and we love photographing them!


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