What About a Rainy Wedding Day?

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While it might be fun to end the engagement session completely soaked, it's not what most people have in mind for their wedding portraits! A lot of brides envision an outdoor ceremony and outdoor portraits for their wedding day, and if it rains on the wedding day, it might seem like the only choice is to stay inside. Here are some tips for wedding day portraits in the rain:

1. Umbrellas - This is a must for rainy wedding days, so we don't have to stay indoors the entire day! If rain is in the forecast, I have a few clear umbrellas that we can use for portraits, but I recommend buying a few really big golf size umbrellas to help people get from the car to the building or across the lawn. You'll want enough for the entire bridal party or at least one per bridal party couple.

2. Backup footwear - Even if it's not rainy while we take pictures, the ground might be really wet and soft, so I recommend wearing rain boots instead of your pretty bridal shoes. We don't have to show them in the pictures if you don't want to. 

3. Have a helper - If the groom holds the umbrella and you hold up the skirt of your dress, you'll probably need someone to carry your bouquet or help if you have a long veil.

4. Try to stay dry - Like I said, our goal is not to get soaked! So we'll keep our eye on the rain and shoot under covered areas (porches or tree cover) until the rain is light and drizzly. Then we can venture out a bit for some pictures without getting too wet. If we don't want the umbrellas in all the shots, we'll get it all set up and then hand off the umbrellas to someone. That way you stay as dry as possible.

5. Arrange for transportation - Our chosen portrait location might only be a short 2-3 minute walk away, but on a rainy day, it's best to stay protected from the elements as long as possible. Especially if the ground is getting soggy. Having someone drive you to the portrait location instead will help you stay dry.

6. Rearrange the timeline - If we know the storm is going to blow over, we might rearrange some of the photos. On Alicia & Jordan's wedding day, we had planned to take wedding party photos outside, but it was pouring at the church. So we moved a few things around in the timeline, took the wedding party photos indoors, and drove across town to their reception venue a little early where it wasn't raining. Not only did we get beautiful outdoor bride & groom portraits like Alicia wanted, but the sun was even shining a bit!

7. Move fast - If it rains on your wedding day and we decide to do portraits in the rain anyway, we'll be shooting as quickly as possible. When the couple's vision is to take portraits outdoors, ten minutes of portraits in the rain is better than 45 minutes of indoor portraits.

We won't let a little rain ruin your beautiful wedding day! In most cases, all it takes is a little extra care to get beautiful outdoor portraits on a rainy day. And you know, they say that rain on a wedding day is good luck!

Have more questions about wedding day photography? I'd love to hear from you!


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