Tips for Photographing Weddings While Pregnant

When wedding season stretches over 6 months of the year (if not more), photographing weddings while pregnant is kind of inevitable. But it's also something that very few photographers share tips about (at least according to Pinterest). And since I had a hard time finding tips from other photographers, I'm sharing my best tips here to hopefully help someone else!

- Whatever anti-nausea thing works for you, have it with you at all times! I didn't have a lot of morning sickness, but I always made sure to carry peppermint candy and water with me.

- Carry as little as possible. Have your 2nd photographer carry the extra lenses while you're shooting, or if you're not with them at the time, make sure to set your bag down instead of carrying it on your shoulder. The entire time I was pregnant, I only walked around with my camera. I didn't carry anything else.

- Choose your gear wisely. I love shooting with the 70-200, but after just one wedding early in my second trimester, I knew that wasn't going to be a good idea. So I switched to the 50 mm with the 105 macro to get tight shots occasionally. (If you haven't tried it as a portrait lens, give it a whirl!)

- Stay hydrated and pack lots of snacks. Anytime we were in the car between locations, I was digging into the cooler for a snack. And I always made sure to grab some cheese and fruit during cocktail hour. These are things I usually do at weddings to keep my energy level up, but when I was pregnant,  the couple (and the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and even the guests) would often ask me if I had eaten anything. People like to take care of pregnant ladies, and it will make them feel better to know you are taking care of yourself.

- Wear extra comfortable clothing. I wore biker shorts or leggings that had a belly panel under my dresses to give me a little extra support. And for my third trimester weddings, I wore a pregnancy support belt underneath my dress as well. Comfy shoes are also a must and switching halfway through the day is helpful, because your feet will hurt more than normal!

- Don't be afraid to ask for help. The bridesmaids will be happy to go get the bride's bouquet for you or fluff the bride's dress. And the groomsmen will gladly move chairs after the ceremony to make room for the family portraits.

- Don't hurry through the day. If you have the opportunity, plan the timeline to give you a little bit of extra cushion time throughout the day. Give yourself time to do your best work for the couple instead of rushing through the day. This extra breathing room will give you a chance to take a sip of water and go to the bathroom too!

- Don't stand on chairs. While I love standing on a chair during the reception to get good dancing shots when the dance floor is packed, it will make everyone nervous if you're noticeably pregnant. This is another great job for your second photographer.

- Take care of your body before and after. Drinking lots of water, elevating your feet, and getting a massage should all be part of your post wedding ritual while pregnant. And if you can help it, don't do anything the day after a wedding. Stay home and rest.

- Know that every wedding your body will be different. If your weddings are close together, you have the chance to constantly re-evaluate if something is too hard on your body. If you have a month or more in between weddings, it might be harder to know what you will need.

- Don't hesitate to bring an assistant if you think it might be beneficial for you. I'm going to share more about that in a blog post specifically about 3rd trimester weddings, but there are plenty of people who want to learn more about wedding photography and would love to help you on the wedding day in exchange for the knowledge and experience you can share with them.


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