Sunshine & Raindrops

Sunshine & Raindrops - Head Colds, Chuck, and (of course) the Superbowl

Dear Halftime Entertainment, I appreciate that you kept most of your clothes on, but dancing around with beach balls and sharks? This isn't a kids TV show. The chess pieces were very cool, however, so I give you points for that.

Dear Superbowl, Next year is number 50. I get the whole roman numeral thing, but am I the only one that thinks Superbowl L is going to look weird on a tshirt?

Dear Bread Machine, Thank you for making it so easy to feel domestic and to enjoy my carbs without preservatives. However, your bread is not as tasty as my Omah's machine makes. What's up with that?

Dear Chuck, I apologize for not taking my brother's recommendation about you sooner. But we really like to breeze through TV shows, so we prefer to pick them up when they're off the air. Waiting week to week for episodes is so 2012.

Dear French Fries, Thank you for being just about the only thing that still tastes good with a cold.

Dear Head Cold, Please go away. I don't mind a little sniffle or a runny nose. I could deal with that for weeks with no problem. But please leave my head and ears alone. That's just not nice.

Dear Brain, I understand when my body is sick, you have a lot of important things to do to fix that, but I really wish simple tasks like reading and making a meal plan weren't so difficult right now. Think you can run higher than half capacity for today? I can't handle much more vegging.


Friday afternoon, when I finally slowed down from the busy week, I realized that I really didn't feel all that great. And I spent the next 48 hours on the couch.

Two days of taking it easy is about all I can handle. A long to do list is always good motivation for me to plow through and get a lot down in a short amount of time. And Monday morning usually means full steam ahead on that list. But I know as much as I want to, my body isn't ready for that today.

So today is about grace. And only putting 3 things on the to do list. This blog post, grocery shopping, and 30 minutes of editing. That's it.

Oh, and getting dressed. I don't go to Walmart in my pajamas. I just can't.

Sunshine & Raindrops: Notes to Fishbowl, Football, & Flowers

Dear Fishbowl, Thanks for being even more fun than charades and catch phrase.

Dear February, I have really mixed feelings about the fact that you're right around the corner. Part of me says "one step closer to spring" while the other part pouts and says "tax season stinks."

Dear Eggs Benedict, Thank you for being so yummy! Can I eat you every day?

Dear Spontaneity, I'm really trying. But some days you just throw me for a loop.

Dear Grocery Store Flowers, Thank you for sticking around so long!

Dear Car, Can you drive yourself to go get an oil change? It's like the most boring and inconvenient errand ever.

Dear Football, I'm really going to miss you.

Dear Superbowl Commercials, You were a big let down last year. Don't make that a habit.

Sunshine & Raindrops: Letters to Food, Pants, & Math

Dear Salad, I'm sorry everyone gives you such a hard time. I'll be your friend. 

Dear Green Pants, Thank you for making getting dressed more interesting.

Dear Bread Machine, I'm sorry I was ignoring you. I promise to do better.

Dear Donuts, Thank you for giving me the motivation I needed to plow through the yearly business paperwork. I'm forever in your debt.

Dear Chai, I love you. I really do. But we might have to break up. At least in the afternoons. I can't handle the caffeine. Clearly, I'm turning into my mother.

Dear Old, You are a dangerous, dangerous place.

Dear Math, I'm sorry I badmouth you so much. But someone has to be the brunt of my blond moments. And it's sure not going to be me!

Sunshine & Raindrops: More Letters to Inanimate Objects (and my Dad)

This weekend was definitely not what we expected, since Ryan started feeling bad on Friday after two nights of sleeping poorly. And when he registered a 101.5 fever, we decided to cancel our plans and spend the weekend resting up.

Dear Thermometer, You really should be waterproof. How else am I supposed to sterilize you if I don't have any Lysol wipes in the house?

Dear Dad, Thanks for the label maker. I'll try to refrain from labeling everything in the house.

Dear Taxes, You were on the agenda for this weekend, but you (and the promised donuts) will just have to wait.

Dear Couchbed, Ryan and I have missed you since moving into our little yellow house. But we definitely weren't expecting to camp out on you Friday night (and all weekend) when Ryan felt too weak and dizzy to push the mattress back upstairs.

(For those of you wondering, couchbed is the phenomenon that occurs when you push the couch and the loveseat into each other. It's perfect for movie night, but in this house our loveseat is upstairs. So this time, we brought our mattress downstairs and put it in front of our couch, using the couch as a headboard.)

Dear Cowboys, Thanks for trying. At least we got farther this year than last year, right?

Dear Chickafila, Thank you for coupon calendars. You've been a lifesaver this weekend since cooking for one just seems pointless. And I forgive you for being closed on Sundays, even though I always forget and get so excited.

Sunshine & Raindrops: I'm Back! And a New Format!

Sunshine & Raindrops: I'm Back! And a New Format!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! This Thanksgiving and Christmas was the first time I truly "turned off" my business and actually unplugged from work for more than a few days in a row. (I even left myself a reminder because I thought it would be so difficult!) And it was just the refreshment I needed.

The last two weeks were full of fun and interesting moments. I wanted to change these Monday posts up a bit, so here are some sunshine & raindrops notes from me:

Sunshine & Raindrops: Yummy Food, New Shelves, and a Christmas Freakout

Some recent sunshine & raindrops:

- I love looking over images from the entire year, and choosing an image for my client's Christmas ornaments is the perfect time to do that. So many pretty wedding days!

- Last week I attended a blogging workshop hosted by Tidewater and Tulle. Working on SEO and other behind the scenes blog stuff is definitely on my to do list for this off season, so it was exciting to get a head start on that.

- And the FOOD at the workshop... I could have eaten all day long! Yummy Goodness Catering served us some of the prettiest and yummiest food I've ever eaten! And it was all in cute little bite-sized servings, perfect for cocktail hour!

- I did a little more Christmas shopping this week and came home with a little something for myself. The Mocha Ghirardelli squares are delicious! I think I should have bought more than one package!

- Our master bathroom has certainly taken longer than we expected, but we built and installed our Restoration Hardware inspired shelves over the weekend and hung up some prints from our anniversary session last year, so now it's finally taking shape!

- We are not discriminating when it comes to ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. We love it all! And we were excited to finally try out Menchies this weekend! They had two mocha flavors that were delicious, but their cocoa-minty holiday cookie flavor won out for me! So yummy!

- How is Christmas only 10 days away? I have WAY too much to do! I'm so glad that I only decided to sew 2 presents this year instead of the 5-6 I was originally planning to! And I still have a couple of Christmas cards that need to be mailed! That's what I get for not doing them all at once. But my family has to love me anyway, right?


Coming up on Wednesday.... bloopers and behind the scenes images from this year's weddings!