Sunshine & Raindrops: I'm Back! And a New Format!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! This Thanksgiving and Christmas was the first time I truly "turned off" my business and actually unplugged from work for more than a few days in a row. (I even left myself a reminder because I thought it would be so difficult!) And it was just the refreshment I needed.

The last two weeks were full of fun and interesting moments. I wanted to change these Monday posts up a bit, so here are some sunshine & raindrops notes from me:

Dear Mistletoe, Watching Ryan climb a tree to cut you down is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I wish we had picked you before all the rain. I hate to have missed out on all that kissing.

Dear Gym, Thank you for not being overflowing with New Years Resolution people. At least not yet.

Dear People Who Want to be Surprised by Their Presents, I used to be one of you, but now I'm starting to think we were wrong. This year almost everything I received was something I asked for specifically (or at least told Ryan that I wanted). And it didn't take away any of the excitement of opening the packages! I actually may have even been more excited because they were things I wanted and was excited to use!

Dear Gingerbread Cookies, I apologize for not having the appropriate person-shaped cookie cutter for our Christmas Eve cookies. This error has been remedied. (Should I apologize to Santa for this too?) However, it may be worth noting that gingerbread trees are equally tasty and fun to decorate.

Dear Procrastinators, I have never been one to be out shopping the night before Christmas. Usually my presents are wrapped and under the tree several days early. But this year, Ryan and I were working on two gifts on Christmas Eve. And procrastinating isn't so bad after all.

Dear Kitchen Stuff, I know some people don't consider you to be appropriate Christmas gifts because you're more "need" than "fun", but my mom and I are always pretty excited to see you underneath that wrapping paper!

Dear Christmas Dinner, I apologize that I forgot about you. To be honest, I was never planning to put a lot of effort into a meal for just two of us, but I totally spaced on the side dish thing when I bought our ham. Thank goodness for leftover mac and cheese and green beans in the freezer, right?

Dear Craft Store Closet to Me, You are no Michaels. I have learned my lesson. It's worth it to drive to Greenbrier. (Or to Hobby Lobby!)

Dear Mythbusters, Thank you for having a marathon of all your old episodes over the holidays. (And thank you for coming back!) But I'm blaming you for not finishing my fun list, ok?

Dear Pinterest, Thank you for saving the day on our Christmas cards, my Christmas recipes, and about half of my Christmas presents. I don't know what I would do without you. My brother thinks I'm the coolest sister ever because of you and I love my new recycled sweater candle sleeves.


And for those of you who were wondering... a fun list is a to do list filled with fun things. It just didn't feel right to call it a to do list when I was supposed to be taking time off.