Sunshine & Raindrops - Head Colds, Chuck, and (of course) the Superbowl

Dear Halftime Entertainment, I appreciate that you kept most of your clothes on, but dancing around with beach balls and sharks? This isn't a kids TV show. The chess pieces were very cool, however, so I give you points for that.

Dear Superbowl, Next year is number 50. I get the whole roman numeral thing, but am I the only one that thinks Superbowl L is going to look weird on a tshirt?

Dear Bread Machine, Thank you for making it so easy to feel domestic and to enjoy my carbs without preservatives. However, your bread is not as tasty as my Omah's machine makes. What's up with that?

Dear Chuck, I apologize for not taking my brother's recommendation about you sooner. But we really like to breeze through TV shows, so we prefer to pick them up when they're off the air. Waiting week to week for episodes is so 2012.

Dear French Fries, Thank you for being just about the only thing that still tastes good with a cold.

Dear Head Cold, Please go away. I don't mind a little sniffle or a runny nose. I could deal with that for weeks with no problem. But please leave my head and ears alone. That's just not nice.

Dear Brain, I understand when my body is sick, you have a lot of important things to do to fix that, but I really wish simple tasks like reading and making a meal plan weren't so difficult right now. Think you can run higher than half capacity for today? I can't handle much more vegging.


Friday afternoon, when I finally slowed down from the busy week, I realized that I really didn't feel all that great. And I spent the next 48 hours on the couch.

Two days of taking it easy is about all I can handle. A long to do list is always good motivation for me to plow through and get a lot down in a short amount of time. And Monday morning usually means full steam ahead on that list. But I know as much as I want to, my body isn't ready for that today.

So today is about grace. And only putting 3 things on the to do list. This blog post, grocery shopping, and 30 minutes of editing. That's it.

Oh, and getting dressed. I don't go to Walmart in my pajamas. I just can't.