Sunshine & Raindrops: Yummy Food, New Shelves, and a Christmas Freakout

Some recent sunshine & raindrops:

- I love looking over images from the entire year, and choosing an image for my client's Christmas ornaments is the perfect time to do that. So many pretty wedding days!

- Last week I attended a blogging workshop hosted by Tidewater and Tulle. Working on SEO and other behind the scenes blog stuff is definitely on my to do list for this off season, so it was exciting to get a head start on that.

- And the FOOD at the workshop... I could have eaten all day long! Yummy Goodness Catering served us some of the prettiest and yummiest food I've ever eaten! And it was all in cute little bite-sized servings, perfect for cocktail hour!

- I did a little more Christmas shopping this week and came home with a little something for myself. The Mocha Ghirardelli squares are delicious! I think I should have bought more than one package!

- Our master bathroom has certainly taken longer than we expected, but we built and installed our Restoration Hardware inspired shelves over the weekend and hung up some prints from our anniversary session last year, so now it's finally taking shape!

- We are not discriminating when it comes to ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. We love it all! And we were excited to finally try out Menchies this weekend! They had two mocha flavors that were delicious, but their cocoa-minty holiday cookie flavor won out for me! So yummy!

- How is Christmas only 10 days away? I have WAY too much to do! I'm so glad that I only decided to sew 2 presents this year instead of the 5-6 I was originally planning to! And I still have a couple of Christmas cards that need to be mailed! That's what I get for not doing them all at once. But my family has to love me anyway, right?


Coming up on Wednesday.... bloopers and behind the scenes images from this year's weddings!