Kelley & Chris: Engagement Session

Kelley had no intention of falling for the tall handsome British guy. Camp was just 9 weeks long, and then the counselor team would scatter, not just around the country, but around the world. This was not the time to start a relationship. She still had the rest of her life to figure out.

But one day she found herself admitting that she had feelings for him. She dropped her pen and stared down at the words she had just written to her friend. She was falling in love with him. But how could she help it? He spent hours every week teaching the young campers how to skate, patiently lacing up each of their rollerblades. That was just who he was.

By the end of camp, Kelley & Chris were close friends, but were hesitant to make something more of it. Until they realized they both had plans to visit Australia in the coming months. How could that be coincidence?

And so off they went, to spend 6 months staying with Chris’s mother and traveling around the country together.

After that trip, they knew they would have a lot of obstacles ahead of them, navigating visas and figuring out a way to be on the same continent, but they knew it would be worth it. Because when the guy you fall for at a 9 week summer camp is also planning to travel to a foreign country 10,000 miles and 14 times zones away, you know it’s meant to be.

Garden Engagement Session in Virginia Beach-113.JPG

Kelley and Chris are getting married at the Norfolk Botanical Garden this fall and I am so excited for their big day with Cherry Blossom Planning Factory!

I love all these layered garden photos that Ryan got throughout our session! He's way more creative than I've given him credit for!

Garden Engagement Session in Virginia Beach-118.JPG
Garden Engagement Session in Virginia Beach-148.JPG

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