Introducing... Lucy the Snuggle Bug

So... I feel like a terrible cat mom, but I never officially introduced Lucy as our newest family member! The last time I posted about her, we had officially adopted her, but still hadn't thought of a name!

And pretty much as soon as we brought her home, life screeched to a halt because I was 7 weeks pregnant and had absolutely no energy to speak of. Each day I looked at my to do list and did only the most necessary items and pushed everything to the side. So capturing this cheeky little kitten on my camera didn't happen for a couple of weeks.

As you may have noticed from our nursery renovation baby announcement, Lucy is pretty fond of the camera. Anytime you get down on eye level with her, she thinks you're going to pet her, so she comes right at you, making it very difficult to get good photos of her.

Lucy likes to be held like a baby and she seems to prefer Ryan cuddles to mine. She follows us around the house and always wants to be close by. The office has become her domain as well, since that's where she sleeps at night, so when I'm working, she's either curled up on my desk (often on my to do list), or in the corner of the desk at my feet. Her other favorite sleeping spot is between the curtain and the wall. Something about the curtain wrapped around her makes her feel cozy. She's the tiniest full grown cat, but she somehow has trouble staying curled up on your lap without part of her sliding off.

We recently purchased our stroller travel system because it was on sale at Babies R Us, and when we were putting it together, Lucy clearly thought it was meant for her. How cute are these photos?

Her favorite toys are her crinkle tunnel, her ribbon wand, and a cloth grocery bag (we ended up cutting the straps so she can play with it all the time). She also plays soccer under the kitchen table with a tennis ball, and it's the cutest thing ever. I hope we get it on video soon!

We adopted her on March 20, so she's been with us just over 2 months and we can't figure out why we didn't get a cat a long time ago. But since Lucy was the one who found us, I'm glad we waited, because she's the perfect cat for our little family!

We love you, Lucy Kitten!

Lucy's First Month-102.jpg