Monday Musings

Dear Broccoli, I hope we can be friends again soon. I'll speak with my baby about it.

Dear June, How are you here already? Here's hoping you're full of smores, pool days, and walks on the beach!

Dear Doctor's Office, Why oh why must you send me a $7 bill after every visit? It's such a dumb amount to write a check for. At least get an online payment option.

Dear Pulled Pork BBQ, Want to hang out in my fridge? I miss you!

Dear Hiccups, This new hiccup-gasp combination is just ridiculous. People are starting to look at me funny.

Dear Shrimp Sushi Rolls, You are a pregnancy life saver!


Ryan Quote of the Week:
You have short legs. I just had to make sure you were motivated.


It's a busy day in the office today gearing up for a double wedding weekend and the kick off of the CGP wedding year with Ryan and Amber! There are SO MANY amazing things happening this month! I can't wait!