10 (More) Things You Might Not Know About Me

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1. I love all things organization, but my favorite office supply is a good clicky pen.

2. I'm terrible with song lyrics... And consequently titles and artists as well.

3. I hate swag. Swag doesn't fit into my life. I don't wear crew neck t-shirts. I only drink out of really big coffee mugs. I don't use fridge magnets or bumper stickers. I purchase my favorite pens in large packs. But I do make exceptions for clicky pens (see above) and cloth bags that I can use for groceries.

4. I refuse to buy many of my favorite foods like Dr. Pepper, Cheez-Its, and gummy bears, because it's the only way to resist eating them every day.

5. I hate to tell people no. Like I'm so bad at it that I have to rehearse what I'm going to say. And if I don't have the chance to think it over before answering, I usually say yes even when I want to say no. (Don't abuse this new knowledge you have of me!)

6. I am an obliger, which means that I need external accountability for motivation. If you've ever wondered why you have such a hard time with New Year's resolutions (or why you're so good at them and everyone else isn't), you should read Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. It's all about how people form habits.

7. Speaking of habits, I am both a side and back sleeper and I turn from one to the other in the same pattern every night before falling asleep. I fall asleep the exact same way every night until I stay at a hotel and sleep in a new bed when this habit resets.

8. I hate running. I wish I didn't, because it's a very efficient, convenient, and affordable way to exercise. But it's the worst.

9. My favorite part of French fries are the crunchy bits in the bottom. Ryan and I usually split one order of fries and he saves them for me.

10. I really hate the word bespoke. The sound of it is just so weird to me and I don't think it fits the definition at all.


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