When You Work With Us...

We recently shared something on our Facebook page. Something that explains what we mean when we say we go above and beyond for our clients. Something in response to the "Why do you charge more than so-and-so?"

I wanted to share those thoughts again here, where I have room to expand on them and show you what it truly means to be a CGP Couple.

1. Ryan and I are continually increasing our education, both in photography and in business. We are always researching and learning new techniques that will help us grow CGP. We are members of the Hampton Roads chapter of ILEA (International Live Events Association) which is a valuable way for us to learn more about the industry, both locally and nationally. And we've invested in education like a two day workshop, coaching sessions, and most recently a 6 week online course.

2. We take great care to protect our images. Our cameras record each photo we take to two memory cards inside our camera. And as soon as we get home from the wedding, we start backing them up to the cloud. We lost two hard drives just a few weeks ago (which contained all of our wedding work from 2015 to 2017), but it was all safely backed up to our cloud software.

3. We deliver our client's images via online gallery, so they can easily share them with their friends and family for FREE. Instead of being the only ones holding a coy of their wedding images and needing to make prints for their friends and family, our couples can enjoy being newlyweds and simply forward our image delivery email to their loved ones so they can help themselves!

4. We've been featured on 18 different wedding blogs. Our goal is to have every couple's wedding featured either online or in print. It's a wonderful surprise for our couples, who have put hours and hours of planning into their wedding days. And it also means that we never sit back and go into autopilot on the wedding day. We want to give each wedding our 100% best.

5. We limit the number of weddings we book, not so we can choose which weddings to photograph, but to give our very best to each couple. We believe the experience is just as important as the finished product. And we love building one on one relationships with our couples. We want to be able to remember their names and their stories and connect with them on social media. And we know that we can't do that if we shoot a wedding every weekend all summer long.

We believe that your wedding day deserves the utmost care. I've photographed over 50 weddings, and each wedding day is equally important to us. Your wedding isn't just another wedding on our list. It's YOUR one and only wedding day. When you work with us, you're getting the highest quality we can give you.