Monday Musings

Dear Closet, I know you're not quite finished and you're definitely not as custom as the ones on Pinterest, but I must say, you're pretty snazzy. If I got dressed in real clothes more often, I'm sure I'd appreciate you even more.

Dear Pesto, You have my heart.

Dear Cookbooks, Do you feel sad and neglected in the age of Pinterest and food blog? I think Phone Books host a support group for outdated life conveniences. Just saying.

Dear Canned Cat Food, I think you have just as much variety as the frozen food entrees for humans. I'm not sure what to think about that.

Dear Pride & Prejudice, After naming my baby Darcy, I'm not ever allowed to have a different favorite movie, am I?


Ryan Quotes of the Week: 
Baby otter: the ultimate bath toy
(And days later...)
I don't think you realize what otters bring to the table.