Monday Musings

Dear Clumsy Fingers, You really should be more careful when we're two hours behind watching the Super Bowl. Canceling out of the recording just as the game ended and we could plainly see the final score was not really kind to Ryan.

Dear Valentine's Chocolates, Can we pretend that Ryan ate most of you? He's not the one trying to lose baby weight.

Dear Spring, Come quickly. 

Dear Retailers, Is it really a one day sale if you have a preview day? Call it whatever you want but it's not a one day sale. 

Dear Eyes, How has it been 4 years since I bought a new pair of glasses. I guess that means it's time.

Dear Fashion Designers, I've said this before and I'll say it again... Women's pants should not have buttons and zippers. We kindly request smooth elastic waistband pull-on jeans. They're more comfortable, more forgiving, and they lay smooth and flat under our shirts. It's just what makes sense.


Ryan Quotes of the Week:
-He's like a disease. He just kinda shows up.
-It's like an ice pack for my head. 
-Yeah... 8000 wrinkles ago.
-How about you be less generic?


Image from the CGP Stock Store