Top 16 in 2016

I'm taking my time with goal setting and reflection this year, and today I wanted to share my top 16 favorite things about 2016. (See last year's 15 in 2015 list here.)

So here, in roughly chronological order are my top 16 in '16:

1. Finding out we were pregnant

2. Photographing The Crystal Clear Event for the second time

3. Adopting Lucy Kitten

4. Hearing our baby's heartbeat

5. Getting my first massage (and then about 5 more!)

8. Our babymoon in Charleston

9. Doing our first wedding as an official husband and wife team

10. Finding out we were having a boy - And immediately buying all the baby converse in sight!

11. Eating falafel for the first time in DC - It's also worth noting that I survived two full days of walking around DC in July heat!

Christmas with Family-129.jpg

16. Meeting our baby - When we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time, I thought it was the most precious sound in the world. And then I heard his first little cry. And some day I'll hear him say "I love you, Mama."


Other fun moments from 2016:
-Wearing a fitted dress at church on Mother's Day (at 14 weeks, the day we made our announcement) and having all our friends wonder if I was pregnant or if I'd made a terrible fashion choice.
-Having our caricature drawn.
-Having a fire alarm go off during cocktail hour at one of our weddings. (There was no fire.)
-Setting up baby stuff at the house and watching Lucy try to claim everything soft and fluffy!
-Watching the evolution of Ryan's hair. Scroll back through the post and you'll see what I mean!


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