Sometimes You Just Need a Break

Floral Backdrop Need a Break.jpg

Something you might not know about me... I don't watch the news. It's so much negativity and my heart just can't handle it. I learned this about myself years ago and while I try to keep up with what's going on in the world, I do so at an arms length. 

The news is always focused on negative things. Things that make you want to talk back to the TV. Things that make you shake your head. Things that make you really sad. Things that just break your heart.

I want to grieve with others when they grieve but something grieve-worthy happens every day... every hour in our world. And if I let all of that in, it would consume me. 

And lately, social media has been just like the news... Even worse in some ways because it's full of division and anger and frustration. And I just can't take it, friends. So I'm putting this week's scheduled blog and Facebook posts on hold for a few days. I'm logging out of Facebook and taking a break for a week. I'm getting some fresh air, some perspective. I'm fixing my eyes on something better. 

See you next week, friends. Two really good blog posts are coming your way!