Baby Showers

This month Ryan and I were 'showered' by our family and friends and our church family. Everything was absolutely adorable and of course I took my camera and got there a bit early to grab some quick photos of the details. Here's just a bit of the cuteness that went down.

My mother-in-law and the other ladies in our family went all out with a storybook themed shower. She was crafting for two months to put this all together!

How cute is this tortilla chip boat? 

Family Baby Shower-135_WEB.jpg

Part of my job in our Adult Bible Study class at church is to coordinate baby shower decorations, but obviously I wasn't allowed to plan my own shower. So my sweet friend Heather (who is an artist) stepped in and the result was super cute!

Seriously, the food and food signs were all just so cute!!! Heather even found under the sea themed gummies!

A tradition in Ryan's family is to have everyone sign a blanket for the baby. I'm so glad Memaw made this for our little Tugboat!

And because she's the cutest thing ever, here are a couple photos of Lucy enjoyed 'her' new toys.

Thank you, Chelsea & Donna, for grabbing the photos of me!