Monday Musings

Dear 5 AM Charlie Horses, I hate you. Nope, hate is not a strong enough word. Let's go with LOATHE!

Dear Weekend, I don't think I've had two days that precisely scheduled since my last double header wedding weekend in June. And the next three days are weirdly similar. How about we make up for all of this by doing nothing all day this weekend?

Dear Dump Truck Rental Company, Please tell me you require more than a regular driver's license to rent and drive a massive dump truck, because that's just terrifying. If not, I'd like advanced notice, so I can stay off the roads.

Dear Pool, I really need to get better about fitting you into my schedule. It's way too hot outside to do anything else.

Dear Eggplant Parmesan, You are the best and only way I will ever eat eggplant again. It was so worth heating up the house! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Ryan Quote of the Week: 
Mind your own flakes.