Coffee with Caitlin: Adrienne, Heart's Content Events and Design

Choosing wedding vendors who fit the style and budget of your wedding day can be difficult, but getting to know the people behind the business often makes that decision much easier. In this series, Coffee with Caitlin, I want to introduce some of my favorite wedding vendor friends… or friendors as we call them.

Today’s interview is with my friend Adrienne, the owner and designer behind Heart’s Content Events and Design. Adrienne offers wedding planning and design as well as beautiful florals, so she can truly bring a bride’s vision to life! You can’t spend time with Adrienne without leaving with a smile on your face. She is truly a joy to be around and to work with! We teamed up to put together a gorgeous heirloom styled shoot last year and her floral designs blew me away!

 Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography

Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography

What’s in your coffee cup/mug this morning?
-Hot Chocolate of course! It's my favorite, and I'm a self-proclaimed hot chocolate sommelier (if that is such a thing) :-P

What does a normal day-in-the-life look like for you?
-Truthfully, every day looks very different for me. Being a stay at home mom AND a work from home business owner means that every day takes on a very different look. What's so funny is that a lot of time, love, and energy went into the creation and styling of my office, but most days, I'm on the floor in the living room, dancing to Backyardigans with a sweet little one year old boy and a French Bulldog. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?
-In 2012 I was a counselor for children with behavioral disorders, but at the same time, my mother's health began to decline, dramatically. I quit my job to help care for my mom during the day, and while planning my own wedding and spending sweet moments with my mom watching reruns of "Say Yes To The Dress," my love for planning events grew, and I started Totally Chique, an event planning and stationery design business. In January of 2014, I changed the name (Josh, my husband, came up with it!) to Heart's Content Events & Design, and now we offer florals, wedding planning, design, as well as planning for anniversary celebrations and marriage proposals!

How do you balance work and baby James?
-3 Things: Organization, Support, and Grace! Keeping things organized helps me to clear my head before working, helps me keep up with deadlines, and also keeps baby James from getting into things he shouldn't (sometimes). My Emily Ley calendar, Trello, and lots of labeled bins help me so much with this! The support of my family is why I'm able to do what I do! I'm grateful that every time I have a wedding or even a client meeting, I have family members close by who are itching to spend time with James! Josh and I have some of the BEST babysitters in the world, and I'm so grateful for all of them! And of course, us boss mamas all need grace. Some days things just don't go our way. And as much as we would hope to close that window to our email at 5pm, sometimes, it's still open at 3am! Giving myself grace, and not comparing my journey to everyone else's has helped me put things into perspective, devote the greatest amount of time to things that matter most, and take the best courses of action both for my business and my family! I definitely don't know where I'd be without grace!

What is something non-wedding related you’ve been loving lately?
-Shoes, glorious shoes! It's funny because growing up I was NOT a shoe person, but as of late, I've developed quite a collection!! Black flats are my standard, but I also love bright, bold colors, and anything with sparkles and bows. And I'm in love with those wedged booties!!

What is one thing you wish brides knew about wedding planners?
-It's my job to make sure that you get to ENJOY your wedding and focus on the things that truly matter most. It is impossible to coordinate schedules, details, rehearsal, wedding professionals, family members (sometimes family drama) and so much more while maintaining meaningful relationships with both your family and your sweetheart! I am your fearless advocate, your friend, your lawyer sometimes, your confidante...I stick by your side like no other, and make sure that every detail of your wedding is curated to perfection, authentic and meaningful, and creates memories that are a foretaste of the joy to come!
See... Isn't she the best?

What is your favorite thing about offering both planning and floral design?
-My favorite thing is that I only offer wedding floral design to Heart's Content Experience couples! I pride myself on getting to know my couples very well, and becoming friends with them throughout the wedding planning process, which allows me to serve them and help them make decisions with their best interest at heart! Offering floral design to only Heart's Content Couples allows me to devote the time and energy into them, and seamlessly weave in floral design with the rest of the wedding design concept.

If you could give brides one piece of advice about another wedding vendor, what would it be?
-Make photography a priority! These moments are precious, and a good photographer will make it their aim to capture every detail and every emotion so beautifully!! And if funds allow, definitely invest in a wedding album. That's the number one thing I wish I had done for my own wedding!
I promise, I didn't ask her to say that!

If you could give brides one piece of advice about their first year of marriage, what would it be?
-Find out your spouse's love language early on, and work hard to make them feel special through that language! It's the little things done on a consistent basis that best show your love for your sweetie!

What was a favorite detail you saw at a wedding this past year?
-My favorite detail was table numbers with pieces of the couple's wedding song on each table. And during the couple's first dance, while each part of the song was being sung, couples from each table were encouraged to get up and dance with the newlyweds. This was such a sweet and meaningful way to involve others in the newly married couple's love story!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
-My favorite part of every wedding day is watching the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time! Whether that be down the aisle or through a first look, that moment is so priceless, and yes friends, I cry like a baby every single time!!

Describe your ideal wedding:
-An outdoor, tented wedding in May with a Garden aesthetic! I love estate weddings with mountains of florals, sweeping drapery, and meaningful details on the tables related to the bride and groom!
Um... yes please!

What’s your current favorite color palette?
-As much as I LOVE color, I also love understated, monochromatic weddings, especially those that are all white! So simple, sophisticated, and elegant!!

What are three words that describe your ideal couple?
-Stylish, Romantic, Family-oriented

Do you ever dream about weddings or planning?
-Yup, I sure do! Sometimes my best ideas come from my dreams! There was a Moroccan Romance shoot that I did with Stephanie Michelle Photography in July 2014 that was featured on Wedding Chicks, and the concept of that shoot was created in my sleep! It was so neat to see it come to life!

What is something you’d love to see become a wedding trend?
-Hmm that's a hard one! Trends are on a constant loop! One trend I do love that is coming to the forefront of the industry is Floral Jewelry!

What is something your company is known for that sets you apart from others?
-At Heart’s Content, we provide planning, coordination, design, and floral services that highlight the uniqueness of every couple to create a wedding day that reflects the bride and groom as individuals, their love for each other, and everyone around them. We believe in the importance of meaningful and lasting relationships and marriages, and seek to celebrate the monumental moments of your love story through both proposal planning and anniversary celebrations! Most of all, my business is centered around the covenant of marriage, and I seek to encourage my couples to enjoy the sweet moments with one another, and focus on things that are most important, their love, and of course, each other!


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