Life Right Now

Today we're throwing it back to an old series I started to help me remember some of the little moments of our lives. The kinds of things that don't even make it to Instagram (because we all know there's a LOT that doesn't make it to Instagram!) The kinds of things that would slip through the cracks of our memories if we didn't record them.

Life right now is waking up at 4:30 in the morning super hungry but still desperately needing sleep.

Life right now is wanting to spend every day in the pool.

Life right now is snuggling in bed or on the couch with Ryan and Lucy for 'family cuddle time.' It's the best.

Life right now is asking google all sorts of questions and searching for lots of mommy forum posts.

Life right now is really wishing we could hire a house cleaner. (So if you have a good one to recommend, let me know!)

Life right now is learning to be ok with being a little high maintenance. Taking care of my body is the only way I can take care of my little boy right now, so that means it's okay to buy the more supportive (and more expensive) belly panel, to soak my feet in a hot epsom salt bath, and to ask Ryan to get something for me when I'm too tired to get off the couch.

Life right now is a to do list that will not quit and always feeling like I'm behind.

Life right now is lots of sweet little baby kicks and the cutest basketball of a belly.

Life right now is a new job downtown for Ryan (where he can wear jeans!) and getting him home 30 minutes early every day.


And a couple quick baby question updates:

How far along are you?
- 25 weeks (6 months)

How big is the baby?
- Roughly the size of an ear of corn or a head of cauliflower.

How are you feeling?
- Pretty good overall. My feet have started to swell up, so I think I need to go shoe shopping. And my shoulders are taking a beating from all this sleeping on my side business.

What have you been craving?
- Nothing healthy, unfortunately.

Is he moving a lot?
- He still has a lot of room in there so we're not feeling crowded yet, but he's kicking a lot. Especially early in the morning.

How's the nursery progress?
- I feel so behind! We're putting up the baseboard trim this weekend, so right now everything is pushed to the middle of the room. And we don't have a dresser yet, so my storage is super limited right now, so there are bags of clothes and books everywhere.

What have you bought so far?
- We purchased our stroller when it was on sale and I've collected some books and toys and a few under-the-sea themed things at yardsales and consignment shops. I also scored two big boxes of baby clothes for $20, so I think we're mostly set for 0-6 months sizes.

Do you have names yet? 
- Not yet. We've started a list, but haven't even made it all the way through the baby name book yet. I don't think we'll announce a name until he's here, so we have plenty of time to decide.

Still obsessed with the belly?
- Yupp! Strangers are starting to chat with me about being pregnant, but nobody has done or said anything rude yet.


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