Ryan: My Right Hand Man

If you've been following the blog over the last couple of weeks, you've probably noticed that Ryan has been shooting with me for most of our engagement sessions. He's been a behind the scenes guy since we first started CGP in the beginning of 2013, taking on the roles of accountant, IT guy, and general advice giver. I'm so excited that he will be taking on an even bigger role this year! We will be shooting side by side as a husband and wife team!

Why am I so excited about this? Here are a few reasons:

- Ryan is getting all of his artistic direction and training from me, so he shoots just like me. It's like cloning myself on the wedding day into a tall handsome gent!

- Not going to lie, his height is an advantage too! Sometimes we come across situations where I would be shooting up at the couple (not the best angle for most people), but Ryan is still at eye level with them.

- Ryan's known how to use our professional equipment for years, so he's stepping into this role so well!

- Shooting consistently with the same person means we already know what the other person is thinking and doing!

- He can connect better with the groom! I have fantastic grooms and I've always been really pleased with how my female 2nd photographers and I have been able to photograph them. But Ryan often has more in common with the groom and groomsmen than I do and so he is able to connect better with them!

- We shoot with different lenses to get a wide variety of images for our clients. Since we share gear, if I'm using the 70-200 mm (and I probably am, because I love that thing!), then I know Ryan isn't so I know he is getting wider angle shots with one of our other lenses. When I'm working with a different photographer, we each have our own gear bag and switch lenses spontaneously, so we might be taking nearly identical images without knowing it.

Ryan wows me every time with the photos he gets! Here are a couple of shots from our most recent engagement session:

There's something so awesome about spending time together with our clients at an engagement session. It's like a double date! And for those 2016 CGP brides who didn't get to have Ryan at their sessions, I'm sorry the scheduling didn't work out! But we can't wait for your wedding day!

Want to learn more about Ryan? Here are some fun facts. If you're looking for a photography team for your 2017 wedding, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line!