Pages from the Sequel: The Little Blue House

As anyone who's ever read a love story knows, the wedding is usually the last chapter of the book. But in a real love story, there's so much more to be told. So much happens in the happily ever after. And that’s what the sequel is for: to tell the story of two people as husband and wife as they live and grow together. So here are pages from our sequel.


I can’t remember where I was standing, but I remember the frustration and tears in that moment. We knew the house was ours if we wanted it, and I desperately wanted it. But I knew it wasn’t the house for us.

House shopping had been a fairly frustrating process. We knew what we wanted and there were few houses in our price range that didn’t need huge and immediate repairs. We wanted a fixer-upper, but we didn’t have the cash for a new roof or a crumbling fireplace. We wanted a house big enough that we wouldn’t need to move again in a couple of years, but not so big that we had to go buy a ton of new furniture.

This house had been on the market for a couple of months already and nobody seemed to want it. We had already walked through the house with our parents and planned out what we would do to the kitchen and where we would put my office. We imagined ourselves living there. We hadn’t put in an offer, but we knew the house was as good as ours.

But… it wasn’t the right one. It didn’t have a garage. It wasn’t in the greatest area of town. And it wasn’t close to our jobs, our friends, or our family at all.

I had become so attached to this silly little house with wood paneling in the living room and more driveway than front yard. I had no idea just how emotionally invested I was until we decided to walk away.

It was hard to walk away, but we did it. It was hard to go back home to our apartment and sit on our couch with no new house prospect to look at. But we knew our house would be worth the wait.


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