2016 Goals: First Quarter

In January, I shared my four goals for the year and promised I'd be back at the end of the first quarter to share what I'd accomplished.

Build Our Team
Hired an editor
Photographed the Crystal Clear Event with Ryan
Read three business books - Tribes, Take the Stairs, & Quitter
Booked four 2016 weddings (And I only have room for 2 more!)

Shine Bright
Launched the behind the scenes video
Finished and ordered the CGP wedding guide (I'll be sharing this soon!)
Ordered new notecards and packaging
Introduced branding photography
Started and scheduled two new blog series

Choose Adventure
Tried out a new restaurant (We're not the most adventurous eaters.)
Planned our anniversary session
Adopted a cat (Not something originally on my goals list, but we're so happy we did it!)
(I know these things might not sound that adventurous, but tax season is the time of year we scale back the most and spend most of our time at home, so I think we did a pretty good job.)

Live Well
Refinanced our house
Read 10 books and listened to 6 audio books - a mix of novels and biographies
Started making homemade bread again

On the to do list this week... making my goals list for April to June!