Monday Musings: Notes to Windows, Easter Eggs, and April

Dear Chocolate Companies, Ryan and I skipped out on the Valentine's Day box of chocolates and the annual one pound chocolate bunnies we usually buy each other. I promise we will have our heads examined before the next major chocolate holiday.

Dear Hardboiled and Dyed Easter Eggs, I hope you didn't mind participating in our family egg hunt in the rain yesterday. I also would like to apologize for my father-in-law, who apparently thought it would be great fun to half-bury you in the mud.

Dear Windows, Thank you for amusing Lucy in between naps. I can't cuddle her and operate a laptop at the same time.

Dear April, You usually bring a lot of rain, but you're also bringing the start of our CSA baskets, the end of tax season (and our annual spa day), and our anniversary session. I can't wait!

Dear Refinance, You took absolutely forever, but I'm so happy we're done and we officially have more equity in our little yellow house! Hooray for lower mortgage payments!


Ryan Quote of the Week: 
I like dead robot skin.