Monday Musings

Dear Pinterest, You have single handedly saved the Valentine's Day card industry. With funny printable cards and easy access to all the hilarity, adorableness, and sarcasm that Etsy can offer, you're really the place to go!
PS - That doesn't mean I'm spending $6 on a Valentine's Day card. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Dear Asiago Cheese Bagel, You are like the best bread I've ever eaten. And I love bread, so that's saying a lot.

Dear Snow, You sure are visiting us often this year. How about you give us a heads up next time you're going to keep Ryan working from home for a bit so we have a chance to buy a laptop first? There's not much I can do without a computer.

Dear Travel Photo for my Website, We really threw a bunch of people off last week, didn't we? Let's pretend we're actually going on vacation. It's way more fun.

Dear Reality TV, I think listening to podcasts that tear apart your 'reality' is fascinating. So thanks for being there, even though I don't watch.


Ryan Quote of the Week:
To be honest, I don't care how warm the toilet water is.