The Heirloom Wedding Album

The wedding day is the start of a new family. And the wedding album is the first family heirloom. 

I love that my clients receive high resolution digital images from their wedding day, but my wedding galleries usually contain 450-600 images! That's way too many to sit down and look through on a regular basis!

The wedding album tells the story of your wedding day. With an album, you have your favorite wedding day images at your fingertips, so you can look at them whenever you want. You can show off your wedding day to your friends and family without holding them hostage for two hours to look at all the digitals. Flipping through the pages allows you to reminisce about your wedding, for just a moment while having a morning cup of coffee. And it's a constant reminder, every time you see the gray linen book on your shelf or your coffee table, of the promises you made to each other and the amazing day you had celebrating them.

Heirloom Wedding Album.Botanical Garden-104-2.jpg

Each page is printed and mounted as a single image and the pages are made of thick cardboard, so it won't start to bend or peel no matter how many times you look through it. These albums are built to last. If cared for properly, your wedding album will look just as good when your grandchildren want to see it as it does when you flip through the pages and reminisce on your first anniversary.

Want to see more of the heirloom wedding album? See two full album designs and then contact me to see if I'm available for your wedding day.