Monday Musings

Dear Blood Pressure Cuff, You are my mortal enemy now. Why did you feel the need to squeeze the living daylights out of my arm while I was trying to have a baby? It's just cruelty.

Dear Gingerbread Houses, You are pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Other than babies. And kittens.

Dear Wednesday... Shouldn't it be Wendsday? Or is it like realtor or other words that everyone just mispronounces?

Dear Sweet Potato Casserole, Let's stop pretending you're a vegetable. You really belong on the dessert buffet.

Dear Hallmark Channel, You always suck me in this time of year. And now that you have two channels and I have a baby who needs to eat every 3 hours... I'm pretty much done for.


And because it's been a few weeks since we've had a Monday Musings post and I want us to still be friends (and because Ryan is always saying quotable things and now we're behind), here are a couple extra quotes!

Ryan Quote of the Week:
You're a walking pregnant scentsy candle.

Let's name our kid after a state with nothing in it.

Oh, we have a sophisticated cat. She plays golf and tennis.

What color is parson brown?

Or maybe he has a 3 week old reindeer and just needs sleep. 


Photo by: SC Stockshop